Mizik Marcell fotós

Marcell Mizik

Szilas Norbert fotós

Norbert Szilas

The Asm Photo covers the fusion of Norbert Szilas and Marcell Mizik professional photographers. The reason of cooperating beyond friendship is the similar view and visual world. We both represent the classic school; therefore we try to maintain such principals which we feel to be everlasting in the digital world as well. The view, the impression; we try to communicate with the simplicity of sophistication as it is a language.

We believe that sometimes the less is more so with these instrument you can tell more for better. Therefore action report, sociophoto aren't present. We aware of that it is easier to impress people with life-pictures or portraits, however we hope that the depth and beauty of our search of themes finds audience. In our opinion we find a picture good if it can make an effort after a distance of time... got mood and clean enough; namely does not contain any unnecessary.

A good picture should transmit something. We try to make pictures which take certain part of a defined space, and can make a strong impression on every viewer. Of course the most important is to love the picture. In the frame of this gallery we give our best to come out with a chance for everyone so he/she can gift him/herself or others with something which may even today be able to represent real value. The aleatory buyer obviously gets the current copy HQ and signature marked. In the preparation of the copies one of the best and most equipped workshop helping us, therefore we ware top guaranty for them as well.

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