In case you would like to buy a photograph please read the instructions. After clicking on the shopping cart please fill in the order form.

cm inch photopaper canvas
21x30 8x12 65 € / 90 $ 105 € / 145 $
30x45 12x18 100 € / 135 $ 133 € / 180 $
45x60 18x24 150 € / 205 $ 205 € / 275 $
60x90 24x35 200 € / 275 $ 255 € / 345 $
90x120 35x47 250 € / 340 $ 315 € / 430 $

As the first step please fill in your name and address details. In case your address differs from the shipping address please indicate the place of delivery.

Requirements of the purchase:
- number of the picture which you can find at the right lower corner
- chosen size of the print
- chosen material of the substrate

After receiving your order we send you a confirmation mail including your purchase order details. Please check it (address, items, quantities, prices) and contact us as soon as possible if anything has to be modified.

As the prints are carried out by one of the best and most professional facilitated press office in Hungary the warranty applies to the prints as well.

After submission of your purchase order the goods will be delivered or can be taken away personally in 5 to 14 days.

- If you have choosen to take over the goods personally please contact us for an appointment.

- In case you wish to receive the goods delivered by courier this can be carried out for a charge of 4.200 HUF.

You cam pay cash when you take away the goods. In case of courier services prepayment applies. You can transfer the total amount to our bankaccount.

The sizes given in the above table are net. This means the prints have a blank lining to make framing easier.

A 150 years warranta appiels to all of the printing materials. We attache a hologram labeld certificate to all prints delivered by us.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.